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Full Version: Sticking windows - silicone lubricant
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Heres a top tip for those that have sticking windows - you know the sort that need hammer and chisel to release them each time they've been shut for some time. Makes a nice rrrrripping sound first time you open them on the campsite.

Anyhow, the people that we bought the tab from told us to use olive oil on the seals as they had been given this tip by their caravan service guy. From our experience however DO NOT use olive oil, or any other cooking oil for that matter. It might work for a short while, but soon becomes even more 'gummy' than before.

Today I cleaned the seals with 'sticky stuff remover' and then wiped them down with silicone lubricant, I'd bought from Halfords to sort a squeaky window on my car. Jobs a good 'un , now hoping no more sticky windows for the foreseeable future. the silicone is a non wet lubricant and meant to be good for the rubber anyhow and should increase its longevity. only time will tell.

Happy t@bbing folks Big Grin

How about vasilene,they recommend you do that on the rubbers on car doors to stop them freezing shut in the winter.

Rachel Smile
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